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Quality Standards

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  • Each employee in all functional areas is trained to ensure we are producing orders to our customer’s specifications.
  • An envelope order will not run unless a sample is enclosed with each order.
  • If there is any discrepancy from the envelope samples to the order docket, the job will not run.
  • Before a job is started, a quality check list is completed by the operator and adjuster team.
  • A box of envelopes is inspected on a regular basis, verifying the product complies with specifications.
  • If the sample envelopes do not meet our standard, the entire order is inspected from the last hour check to ensure the final shipment will be correct.
  • Inspected samples are signed, dated and time stamped, and filed for future reference.
  • Our preventative maintenance program has been designed to optimize the capabilities of our equipment, which ensures a high standard of product quality and improved productivity.
  • Defective goods are monitored on a regular basis and this feedback is communicated to all employees.
  • On a continual basis, our account managers meet with key customer personnel to review our service and quality performance. These meetings provide us immediate, valuable feedback to our operations.

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