Equipment Capabilities

Classic Envelope is backed by over 200 folding, printing and accessory machines for envelope conversion in North America..

Equipment Capabilities

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We pride ourselves in providing several billion envelopes annually. We adhere to high-quality standards in all we do and are committed to continuously upgrading and improving our equipment base. We utilize both conventional and web folding processes.


Rolls sheeted
Die Cut Blanks
Patch/Punch Window, Print, Fold, Glue and Package
Offline printing

This process is used for short run or specialty product as well as Flat Sheet Litho printed envelope conversion. Slower speeds, high waste and a multi-step process make conventional manufacturing more costly than web folding.


The web folding process incorporates all functions in one piece of equipment. Starting with a roll of paper, web folding equipment prints, cuts, glues and folds all in-line.

The web folding process is used primarily for long run (250M and up) jobs. Since waste is limited, speeds are high and all manufacturing is consolidated into one pass, pricing is most competitive on this type of equipment.

From the mailroom to the mailbox Classic Envelope has the products and solutions you need. Call us today for your perfect packaging!

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