Conformer® PaperBoard Mailers

Lightweight and easy to insert!

Conformer® PaperBoard Mailers

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The Conformer® PaperBoard Mailers provide perimeter protection for your contents.  The patented design outperforms standard mailers. The Hightack hotmelt seal ensures a secure, tamper proof closure.

Our reinforced E.Z.Open pull-tab offers convenient opening. - no scissors or knives needed!

These mailers hold a little or a lot and provide superior protection for books, calendar, documents, apparel and more.


CONFORMER® is a registered trademark of Conformer Products, Inc.
Canadian Pat. Nos. 2,418,517 : 2,554,473, U.S. Pat. Nos.:6,116,651 : 6,227,444 : D 452,267 :
6,564,994 : 6,820,799 : 8,684,259 : 9,352,879 and Other Patents Pending <


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